Human Resources Management in Germany. Winning the People Game.

Doing business in Germany is very rewarding. A country in the middle of Europe. Highly international, with open borders to its neighbors, and yes, with some challenging regulations for businesses, and for new companies from abroad in particular. So what about Human Resources Management in Germany. What then about the management of people in Germany?

People are different in every country. And their life at work is governed by very specific work rules and regulations. But what about the softer side of Human Resources? Leave aside Germany’s complex labor law, those challenging workplace safety regulations, or the strong influence of associations and unions in many of the country’s industries. Go further. Ask yourself: What makes employees, especially an increasingly multi-ethnic workforce in Germany, really tick? How do I best rally my team behind me? How do I address a poor performance of a particular employee in Germany? How do I deal with him or her in a way that is both legally and culturally acceptable?

We know you are not on your home turf. And this is why we are here to help you. As specialists in human resources for small and medium-sized enterprises in the German market, our services include:

HR-Management and Leadership

Are you sweating those feedback and staff review talks? Is there a team conflict you need to address? An underperformer you need to observe?

As HR-specialists in the German market, we act as your business partners. Support your role as a boss. And help you make decisions that maintain your business effectiveness.

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Recruiting Management & Talent Acquisition

Are you winning top talent for your job vacancies? Is your selection process efficient? Do the people you hire really match the positions you are seeking to fill?

As recruitment specialists, we can save you a lot of time and hassle. Employ state-of-the-art HR diagnostics and interview techniques. And help you find candidates who are qualified – and motivated.

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Staff Development, Training & Coaching

Does your team currently lack morale? Do your employees need special training? Is it time to improve the communication between you and your staff?

Our goal is to boost the motivation of your staff. Rally them behind you. Improve their performance and thus the success of your business.

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Corporate Identity, Mission & Employer Branding

Do you feel your team mirrors the values of your company? That people enjoy working for you? Do you actively promote a positive image of your company?

We can help you fine-tune your mission. Win staff members and employees alike. And improve your image and market position.

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Overwhelmed by the fine print of HR-issues in Germany? The nuts and bolts of proper staff records, labor regulations, or social security topics? The applicability of disciplinary action? HR admin issues can be time-consuming. And require expert knowledge. We help you navigate even the most complex ones.

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HR-Controlling & Performance Management

Have you looked closer at those numbers? Compared staff salaries with individual performances? Counted days of absence amongst your workforce? We shed light on the big picture. Have the tools to help you do the math. And the experience to deal with the conclusions.

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„Syn-nous. Our Greek word creation means 'with reason'. This is the guiding principle of our HR-approach. And our people skills make all the difference."

Martha Giannakoudi
CEO Synnous Consulting GmbH