Opening a Business in Germany.

Whether you want to open up a branch office or subsidiary in Germany, we would like to congratulate you. Yes, there are a lot of things one needs to pay attention to in order to succeed. But: with largest economy in the EU and a highly motivated workforce –it is very much worth the effort!

We would like to help you make your entry into the German market an easy one and are happy to offer our services in the following areas:


We team you up with the best and most reliable real estate agents in your target area. If you wish, we also visit any pre-select premises for you and help you make the right decisions for your future location. We can also help you get the best office interior that suits your budget.

Recruitment and HR Services

We recruit the staff for your office in Germany, be it assistant or executive positions at highly competitive rates.  We assume the role of your HR department for your new office in Germany, including – but not limited to – onboarding, performance evaluation, administrative / organizational issues.

General Expat Services

We know relocating to a foreign country can be challenging thanks to our own experience abroad. So why not get help? Our expat services stretch from finding childcare or going school-hunting for your kids to identifying the most rewarding professional association for you to join. Want more? Just ask!

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